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[edit] Registering for Fidg't

[edit] Your Account Information

The first part of the registration process creates a unique id for you on the Fidg't network. Enter your name, password, and your email address - which will serve as your primary login. You can also pick which service you want your active thumbnail and handle will come from. If you choose "flickr" here, we will use your Flickr handle and thumbnail as your identity on the Fidg't network.

[edit] 3rd Party Service Information

In the second part of the registration process, you just enter your login (and in some cases password) information for each service you have. This information is all encrypted with [1] Bruce Schneier's [2] Blowfish cipher. Once you enter your account information and save, we will gather your contacts from those services. When we've gathered your contacts, we'll send you an email, and you can login and start managing your account.

For Flickr: You will have to authenticate Fidg't to read and write to your flickr account. This just means that we can read in your pictures, and it allows you to post images from the camera phone on the mobile application.

[edit] Import Tool

The import tool is the heart of the Fidg't service, letting you bring in your contacts from different social networking sites, and merge them into Meta contacts that reference one or more 3rd party accounts.

[edit] Importing Contacts

When you load the import tool for the first time after registering, the tool trys to automatically merge contacts from different services that it deems are the same human. The flickr account belonging to Will Carter, and the LastFM account belonging to Will Carter, for example, will be automatically merged.

Since however, especially with certain instant messaging contacts, automatically merging accounts doesn't always work for every account on every service, the tool lets you manually create or edit these meta contacts.

[edit] Manual Mode: Adding and deleting Meta Contacts

To create or edit a meta contact, it's important to note the distinction between the two columns in the import tool. The left column is a list of all your Meta Contacts. The right column is a tabbed list of ALL the individual accounts that have been imported.

To create a new meta contact, simply drag a contact from the right column to the "create new" drop zone on the top of the left column. To add a new account to a Meta Contact bin, just drag that account from the right column to the bin you want to add to. To remove a contact from a Meta Contact bin, just drag the contact out of the bin back into the right column (note: the right column tab must be the same as the type of account you are trying to remove).

In the right column, you notice that accounts that have been merged into Meta Contacts are greyed out.

[edit] Removing or Adding contacts to your Active List

Your Active List is a subset of your contacts list that contains only the people you want to show up when you interact with any Fidg't service, be it the Visualizer, the Mobile Application, or the web services.

To toggle a contact, or a meta contact "on" or "off" simply click the Phone Icon in the top right corner of an account bin. The Phone Icon implies that you are turning on or off this account for your phone, but it also means you are turning them on or off throughout the other Fidg't services as well.

[edit] Account page

[edit] Your Stream

Your stream shows the your latest photos from flickr and your favorite tracks from lasfm, assuming you have accounts on those services. If you don't you should consider it. You can scroll through the images or album art by placing your cursor to the left or right of the strips. You can also click on the lower right corner of each image or album art to get more info.

[edit] People Stream

The people stream is just like your stream but it has a strip above that contains all your contacts. You can move through the contact strip by placing the cursor to the left or the right. If you select a contact that has a flickr or lastfm account you can see their photos and top tracks. We include your IM contacts in the strip but there's not a lot you can do with them just yet!

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