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[edit] Fidg't Visualizer

The visualizer is a cross-platform java app that allows you to view bits and pieces of your flickr and lastfm contacts in the context of the larger community. It works best on newer machines and requires Java. You can download Java here. [1]

[edit] Importing your network

If you are a registered fidg't user, just enter your email address into the "add fidg't user" text box, and press enter... that's it. You should see your network propagate!

[edit] Importing Just Flickr or LastFM

All you need to do is enter a flickr or lastfm user name, and their network will load - you don't need to be a registered fidg't user to use this feature.

[edit] Adding to the visualization

Once any network has been loaded, you can merge other networks into the visualization, through any of the "add" text boxes. Just type in the user name or fidg't email id, and there you have it.

[edit] Creating "Tag Magnets"

Once a network has loaded or partially loaded, you can type any text string into the center circle to create a Tag Magnet. Once a magnet has been created, you can see how the network reacts - people who have used that tag from the network will be drawn towards it based on the frequency with which they've used it.

[edit] History

You can toggle the history button to see a thumbnail history of the people you've viewed. Once the history toggle is flipped on, dig down into a person by clicking on their bubble.

[edit] Source Code

We are planning to release the visualizer as open source. We are now setting up a a repository and will update you on this soon.

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