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[edit] Downloading and Installing

[edit] "Over the air"

You can download the Fidg't client from your account page "Get App" tab [1]. From this page, enter a phone number in international format (e.g. United States is 1-555-555-5555), and click "send." We will send you an sms message with a download link to the application. Once you receive the SMS, go to your inbox and open the message. Scroll through the message and highlight and open the link. The program will download and then be installed on your phone.

[edit] Via Bluetooth

You can download the Fidg't mobile client to your PC via any browser and then transfer it to your phone via Bluetooth. If you have a Nokia N73 (or an N-series with QVGA(320X240) resolution) use this link [2] If you have a Nokia 6680,81,82 (or a Series60 3rd edition Nokia with 176X208 screen resolution use this link [3] Once you receive the Bluetooth msg, go to your message inbox and open the message. The client will install automatically.

[edit] Installing over previous versions

If you have a previous/older version of the Fidg't mobile client it is recommended to remove it before installation. The proper way to remove the mobile client on Symbian is to use the App. Manager. This can be found by opening menu-->tools-->app manager. Scroll down to the previous version of the app and then use the 'C' key or select Options-->Remove.

[edit] Starting the Application

After installation, the application can be found in either the "My Own" Folder on older Nokia Phones or "Applications" on newer N-Series models. Find the Fidg't application icon, select it, and click to open. Before you start the application you may also want to adjust your 'suite settings' for best use of the camera [4]

[edit] Selecting your Data Network

After allowing the Fidg't Application to use the network, choose your mobile data service from a list. US Cingular customers, for example, will use MediaNet or Express. US T-mobile customers will use T-mobile Internet.

[edit] Email and Password

If you are starting the Fidg't application for the first time, you will be prompted for a email and password. In this instance, you are using your Fidg't id, which is just the email you used to sign up for the service.

[edit] Navigation

Unlike many cell phone apps, Fidg't doesn't rely much on the "soft key" convention, so you won't see little menu options on the left or right bottom part of the screen. Instead, you interface with Fidg't mainly with the Directonal Pad and the main enter key.

[edit] Getting around

For any Fidg't screen, there are 3 sets of options menus: Navigation, Selection, and module. Navigation is used to jump to other modules - for example, you can jump from the Address Book module to the flickr stream module by selecting the "photos" option and clicking the enter key. Selection options are options that are specific to the currently selected item. For example, with a flickr photo, the selection options include read and post comments. Module options are options that are specific to the currently active module, such as Address book, flickr stream, chat, etc.

[edit] Key Mappings

You can bring up the options menus by pressing either soft key or the enter key. The left soft key brings up navigation options, the right soft key brings up the module options, and the enter key brings up the selection options.

[edit] "me"

The selection options for your own entry in the Address Book module are unique. From "you" you can access the camera, or change your login settings.

[edit] Chat

[edit] Starting a new chat

To start a chat, simply select someone who is online, bring up the selection options, and hit "chat." Select the service to use (in case this contact has multiple IM services) and the chat session will be initialized.

[edit] Notifications

Whenever you receive a new IM message, you will be notified with a blue speech bubble icon in the top right corner of the screen.

[edit] Returning to an active chat

You can return to an active chat by finding the contact, bringing up the selection options, and hitting "chat."

[edit] Chat archiving

We don't support this now, sorry!

[edit] Running a Mobile Chat concurrently with a Desktop Chat Client

Not all the IM services work the same. You can simultaneously be logged onto AIM on desktop PC client and the Fidg't mobile client, AIM will display a warning message notifying you that you are logged into multiple services. MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger will not let you be logged in at two locations. There is no problem chatting with someone on a Desktop client from your mobile client.

[edit] Media Streams

MediaStreams consist of image slices from a particular service, allowing people to get a quick idea of a contacts' recent media.

[edit] Flickr Stream

From the Flickr stream, image slices can be "opened" to reveal the full image. Comments can also be placed on both image slices and on full images from the selection menu.

[edit] LastFM Stream

The LastFM stream displays the selected contact's most recently listened to tracks on the LastFM service.

[edit] Camera

[edit] Accessing the Camera

To access the camera, bring up the navigation menu and find the camera. On the Nokia N73, in order to access the camera image you must open the lens cover, which will automatically open the "official" nokia camera app. At that point, you can either quit the nokia camera app, or toggle back to gearon (toggle: hold down phone menu key, scroll to the gearon icon).

[edit] Changing Camera Options

You can easily change the resolution of the camera image, the camera orientation, and other camera options by accessing the camera options menu before you capture an image. Just select the option you want, and click enter and your new setting will be activated.

[edit] Capturing the image

Once the camera capture window is open, you can frame your shot and click Enter to capture the image. Once you take the picture, Fidg't will ask you if you want to publish the image. If you do, it will send the image to your flickr account, otherwise you can cancel the image or take another one. Note: there is a known bug with the capture image caused by Nokia asking if you want to allow Fidg't to use the camera. This issue is discussed further in [5] Known Bugs

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