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[edit] Mobile Client Bugs

[edit] Adjust Suite Settings for Camera Capture Bug

Because the fidg't application is not signed by Nokia, Nokia politely asks you if it's ok whenever fidg't tries to do something, which in the case of the camera, causes a bug with the capture image.

When you snap the picture, your image is saved, and then the image appears to be reset once you heed Nokia's warnings. However, the picture you upload is the picture you initially snapped, not the final preview image. This is clearly lame, and we're working on it.

The issue can be helped by editing the 'suite settings' for the Fidg't application. For Nokia phones, find the app manager. For most newer Nokia phones, the app manager is under tools.

Tools->App Manger->Select Fidg't Application->Options->Suite Settings

Once you are in the Suite Settings Menu, you can edit the permissions for this application. If you set the MultiMedia setting to "ask first time" this lameness with the camera will only happen once. Yeah, this is still lame, but slightly less so.

[edit] Unlocked 6682 Cingular Phones

We have not been able to get unlocked 6682 Cingular phones to run Fidg't. We think it may have to do with the firmware. If you have a 6682 from Cingular with firmware V4.62.0 chances are you will not be4 able to run Fidg't. You can check your firmware by typing *#0000#. We have had success running Fidg't on a 6682 purchased directly from Nokia with firmware V3.01.1. We will continue to look into this issue.

[edit] Website / Web Services Bugs

[edit] Import tool

At certain times, after hitting the import tool, your AIM or MSN contacts might not load, or only partially load. We are looking into this bug, but for the time being, if you keep trying, your contacts should come in after no more than about 1-3 attempts. Sorry about this!

When you initially sign-up you have to make sure your enter your screen names correctly. For AIM you should just enter your screen name. For Yahoo you shouldn't include the For MSN you can should include or or another email you might be using. For Flickr you just use your username without the If you are an Old Skool user use your original Screen Name.

[edit] Contacts Web Services

In some rare occasions, the contacts web service ({xml/json}/contacts?email={email address} will throw an error. We are looking into the cause of why this is happening, but the end result could be that your contacts can't be loaded into peoplestream portion of the website.

If your people stream is taking a long time to load you might try going to the import tool and hitting done. Then go back to your people stream.

[edit] Account Bugs

Currently, you are unable to edit / delete accounts that you create when you first register. This is a large problem, obviously, and we are looking into it. For now, email us ( and we'll delete your account so you can start over.

[edit] Visualizer Bugs

The mute button may freeze the application.

A couple of MAC users have had blank screens with the visualizer. One user was on a G4 iMac on Mac OS 4.9. Another was running MacOSX PPC. We believe this has to do with the sound library we are using. We are testing this now.

The linux build is for x86, it will not work on a x86_64 jvm

If you type the letter "s" in one of the txt boxes you take a snapshot of the current screen. We are going to remap this functionality.

There is a bug with non US keyboards having problems typing the @ sign- switch your keyboard to US to resolve this issue. We are looking into how to fix this problem.

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