For our initial public beta tests, we are officially supporting the Nokia N73 and the Nokia 6682. If you don't have either of these phones (which is probably a lot of you), there are a couple options. First, if you have any later model Nokia phone, you may be in luck, unofficially. We are pretty confident that many nokia phones with QVGA or 176X208 resolution will work. This includes the N70, N71, N72, N75, N91, N93. Again, we think these will work, but we haven't had the time to test them ourselves. Once we do test these phones, we'll change their official status. You can check out and compare all these phones at this site.

Additionally, please let us know which phone you want supported, and we'll add it to our porting queue. Keep in mind that the Fidg't application will probably never work with older handsets because of performance issues. The Good News is that we'll be developing a Lite Version of our service that will work with your phone, it just won't be nearly as pretty.

Finally, even without any phone, there are some pretty cool things you can do with our service. One of things we're trying to do is build out a portable, dynamic next-generation Address Book that makes keeping track of your contacts across multiple social networks pretty easy. Without a phone, you can still make an address book that allows you to group and organize your various contacts, and access all that data via a set of simple web services. Oh, and you can always just play with the Fidg't Visualizer. That's a lot of fun too.