What if my phone isn't supported? Should I just leave this website now?

Maybe. But maybe not! Luckily for you, there are still some pretty fun things you can do with Fidg't even if you can't use it on your phone. For instance, you can easily create a meta-contact list from your various social networks and access that info from our web services. Or, you could play with our Visualizer. For other useful stuff, check here.

Hrm. Why isn't my phone supported?

Yeah, we'd love to support your phone, but the logistics of the matter make supporting lots of different phones tough. Fidg't is a rich media mobile application, and there are lots of quirks involved getting all our nifty features working right for each platform. Feel free to enter your phone into our suggest a phone queue, and we'll see what we can do about getting a version just for your phone.

I don't know how to use the mobile application.

Check out the wiki for the recent version of the mobile app manual - this will be the best place to get any questions you have about using the mobile application answered. You can also feel free to contact us.

Do my friends need to sign up for Fidg't for it to work?

No, your contacts don't need to be Fidg't users by any means, but you can invite them anyway!

Is my wireless carrier going to charge me a small fortune for data if I use Fidg't on my phone?

Data plans are tricky, so there is no easy answer. The best thing is to have an unlimited data plan like those offered by TMobile (Total Internet) and Cingular (Express or MediaNet).

Hrm. I want to delete my account... how do I do that?

You can send us email at support@fidgt.com and we will delete your account.

What is a meta-contact, anyway?

A Meta Contact is like a container that holds references to the various social networking accounts that your friends may have. Instead of seeing a big list of discrete accounts, we try and group your contacts' AIM, Flickr, and LastFM accounts (for example) into one contact, making it easier to quickly access media and data related to that person.

How do I nicely and constructively give you criticism that won't damage your delicate egos?

No problem. We'd love to hear what you think, bad or good. Just contact us.