Visualizer Status
We've been having some issues loading Fidg't users into the visualizer due to a minor problem with one of our web services. This issue should be resolved shortly, but for now you'll just be able to load in flickr or lastfm contacts into the visualizer. Thanks, The Fidg't Team.
well, that was fun
Yesterday we got some nice coverage on TechCrunch, which was great. Then a few hours later, the page made the front pages of digg and, and craziness ensued. Suffice to say, our servers had a pretty busy day, but they held in there. Anyway, hello to any new users! As you might have noticed, there is still a lot of work we need to accomplish to get the service to the state we want it at. However, we hope that even in this early stage you'll be able to get some value from it, and as always, we look forward to hearing any feedback you have. There are probably little bugs that are being exposed, so please bear with us on some of these details in the next couple weeks. Thanks a lot for signing up, we hope Fidg't makes things a bit easier for you, and stay tuned for updates.
Fidg't -> public
Yesterday we took off the lock for the site, effectively making our service publicly available for the first time, so we're excited about that. Hopefully, everything will work as planned, but since we are still in a very early release, we are aware that some things might break, or otherwise not work as well as they should. So please, if you have any issues or concerns, or just general feedback, please give us a shout:
Innovate Europe
We are in Zaragoza to present Fidg't at Innovate Europe. The conference is run by Chris Shipley's Guidewire Group. I am really impressed with all the companies that Protomobl is among. If you step back for a moment you can see that there are some overlapping ideas but unique different perspectives. It really shows you how malleable technology and ideas are. The big things I see so far is sharing, staying connected, personalization, and media. That's not really saying a lot but if you look in detail at the companies and keep these thoughts in mind you'll start to see an interesting picture develop.
Client version .13 released
Version .13 of the mobile client is now available for download. This release features increased stability, and a number of other minor bug fixes and changes.
New Visualizer Build
Version 0.6 of the Visualizer is available. There are still some bugs, but it's mostly there, so give it a shot. Major enhancements for this build include incrementally loading discrete networks, rather than loading a bunch of networking data at the same time. This dramatically lowers loading times, which is great.
Fidg't @ sxsw

We were at SXSW music this past week at the Under the Radar event, doing some demos and taking in some good music.

name change, losing a letter of the alphabet
After much deliberation, we've decided to launch the gearon project under the name Fidg't. Bear with us for a bit while we transition things over to the new name and logo...
"The Missing Web 2.0 Address Book"
Tim O'Reilly has an insightful post on the Radar Blog about Social Network Fatigue and the missing Web 2.0 Address Book.
What really needs to be done is not just to connect the various social networks that do exist in internet network-of-networks style, but also to social-network enable our real social network apps: our IM, our email, our phone. Where, I keep asking vendors, is the Web 2.0 address book?
While I'm not a huge fan of the term 2.0, I think what we're really excited about with GearON is addressing this problem space that O'Reilly poses. An address book that is portable, open and easy to manage, that works across mobile and web networks.
client version 0.12 released
If you haven't already downloaded it, the new release of the mobile client is available from the download page. This new version provides more robust support for lastFM, as well as better text formatting within the Instant Messaging window.
Visualizer: almost there
After a few revisions, the Visualizer is about ready for an official release. You can download it from the visualizer page.