Simple Drag + Drop Importing Tool lets you manage and merge your social networking contacts

metaImport your contacts from your social networks and merge them into a list of Meta Contacts; one contact entry for multiple social networking services. When you sign up, we will try and automatically merge your contacts for you, and if we can't merge them you can easily edit them later. The import tool also lets you choose which of your contacts to include, letting you decide, and edit at any time, who shows up in your list.

Expanding Support for Popular Social and IM Networks

For our initial 0.5 release, we are supporting all the main chat networks (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger), in addition to Flickr and LastFM. We are currently working really hard to support additional networks, and as our release version increases, our support for other major social networks (facebook, digg,, eventful,, etc.) will expand. Please edit the wiki or contact us to suggest other networks you'd like to see supported.

Dynamic, interactive Network Visualizer

visThe visualizer is a cross-platform java app that allows you to play with your flickr and lastfm contacts in the context of the larger community. Just create tag magnets - either for pics or music - and watch how your network is attracted or repelled. More information can be found here.

This simple mechanic lets you visualize your Network in a unique way, demonstrating its Predisposition towards certain things. What is more popular amongst people in your Network - rock or electronic music? Are photos of buildings more popular than photos of sunsets? Based on how your network reacts to those Tags, you might get an answer. The Visualizer also lets you see how your Network compares to a random sampling of the networks of other Fidg't users, letting you see how your network stacks up to others? Plus, it looks awesome.

Simple Widget style media streams

From your account page, you can see simple, visually oriented, widget style media streams of recent media from your own network, or mediastreams from your contacts.

View videos [1] [2]

Next Generation Mobile User Interface

We've put a lot of thought into the UI design for the mobile application. The design centers around the buddy list, and adds a "last thing" thumbnail next to each contact as a type of media presence. screen1From the address book, you can select a contact and, depending on which social networking services they have, start a chat or jump to a mediastream to see what they've been up to recently. All this is done in a highly visual way that is designed specifically for a small screen.

Growing Phone Support

Our current Phone Support includes most Nokia N-series devices. As we continue to grow, we'll be porting the application to other popular platforms including the Blackberry Pearl and the Motorola RAZR.

Tight Flickr integration

We've made the mobile application play nicely with flickr, allowing you to view, comment, and post pictures all from inside Fidg't. The application is integrated with the phone's camera, so posting is as easy as taking a picture and pressing upload.

Cross Network Chat

The mobile client application supports chat across multiple networks, including AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger.

Media Stream views

We've created a visual system for viewing media on the phone that is comprised of contracting and expanding image slices. Viewing a slice of an image allows you to get a sense of your level of interest quickly, and digging deeper on that slice reveals full screen views, or additional actions you can take on that object.

Unique Address book sorting and filtering

In addition to simple alphabetical sorting and filtering, our address book allows you to sort by more relevant information. Filter the list by contacts with a certain social networking type, or sort the list by people who are online or available to chat.

View videos [1]

Check out the screenshots below, or view a more "interactive" flash version by clicking here.


Simple Web Services

visWe provide XML and JSON response formats for accessing your address book, your personal identity info, and information about the Fidg't network. Our web services are in a nascent stage, but we're trying to make it easy for you to have an open and portable address book combining your network identities from social networks, IM, and down the line from phone numbers and addresses.

Sample Requests

Currently, you can make a simple calls to return Address Book data, your identity information, and a list of all current Fidg't users.

example:{xml/json}/contacts?email={user email}

XML and JSON response formats

The Address Book can be returned in XML or JSON format. Return blocks for Address Book info include the name and handle for each Network the specified contact belongs to, and the current reference handle and current reference thumbnail location.

	    <flickr>William C. Arter</flickr>